FAQ: Membership

iconHow do I know if a membership is interesting for me?
If you like it to be naked in the nature in a protected space, you like our place and want to integrate you in a social club you are right.


iconCan I get a testing member?
For the first year you can test the club and at the second year you’ll get an usual membership.


iconHow much cost a membership?
Click here to see the current prices for membership.


iconWhich rights do I have as a member?

  • Using the place with swimming pool, the sporting area and sauna (see prices)
  • Using the playground and the youth club house for kids and youths


iconWhich obligations do I have as a member?

  • If it’s good weather guests and members have to be naked, when it’s bad weather they have to wear freetime clothes
  • Mowing and nursing the own place
  • To do workinghours and brushtimes of the plumbing
  • Only at exceptions it’s allowed to drive at the place
    (to building up or down your awning, picking up your caravan, with heavy stuff)
  • Following the siesta


iconWorking hours and more
Working hours

  • Families with pitch spot: 16 hours per year
  • Singles with pitch spot: 8 hours per year
  • Families without pitch spot: 8 hours per year
  • Singles without pitch spot: 4 hours per year


Cleaning (sanitary applications)

  • Members with pitch spot: 3 days per year
  • Members without pitch spot: 1 day per year


iconWhat have I to do for a membership?
Visit us and make an own impression of our club and our place. If you haven’t had taken a receptive applicant you can download it here.

Please send this letter with a mail or with the post back.
If you want to send an email you only have to choose one of the contacts on the right side of our Contacts.
You find our postal adress here.